The second African Green Revolution Conference was held in Oslo, Norway August 29 РSeptember 1, 2007. Leading experts from 40 countries, ranging from senior African ministers to smallholder farmers, engaged in a dynamic discussion on the future of sustainable agricultural development. Participants reviewed the progress of recent initiatives and discussed public-private partnerships that could extend agricultural opportunities to more of Africa’s people.
Business sessions featured charged dialogue on pan-African initiatives, the value chain, inputs, biofuels, water management and climate change. Smaller breakout groups touched on hot topics like empowering women and supporting smallholder farmers. 93-year old Nobel Peace Prize laureate Dr. Norman Borlaug appealed to the gathered ministers to ensure that the green revolution take firm root throughout Africa in his lifetime. Concluding head-to-head talks between participants hammered out action proposals in workshops while ministers from 12 countries forged a roundtable agenda of concrete initiatives inspired by the conference.
The gala final evening featured the presentation of the Yara Prize, shared by Josephine Okot, founder and managing director of Victoria Seeds Ltd, and Akinwumi Adesina, Associate Director, Food Security and Africa Regional Program at the Rockefeller Foundation. Both were recognized for their achievements as private sector entrepreneurs deeply involved in improving the opportunities for small-scale African farmers.