Maize Drought-Tolerant Seeds for African Farmers

Hunger in Africa is really a big problem, nations are trying their best to end poverty and hunger in this country, farmers needs to learn a lot and should be supported a lot.

Water supply is another problem in Africa, its a very hot country, water is very necessary for daily home use, so to supply the farms will be another problem. Africa really needs quality seeds that can withstand summer, drought, and limited water.

Maize on the other hand is a drought-tolerant seed which could be one of the answer to Africa’s hunger.

Small farmers should be able to understand and use Maize to its full potential.

What can you do to help Farming in Africa?

Africa and its population needs a great supply of food and clean water. Access to both will make a big difference in the daily activities of Africans. There are talks and conferences that were held in the past to understand, gather ideas, and effectively implement the green revolution.

You can do a lot, with the advent of internet and other forms of communications, you can connect to people or make awareness for the revolution. Sending seeds, farming techniques, educating women, speaking to suppliers who can contribute directly and indirectly. You are much needed and you can do a more than what you think.

Developing a Green Africa